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                            songwriter,                                avalanche forecaster, mountain guide
           fire captain, independent artist

Ranchero Music Publishing Ltd

                   Mission Statement

             be honest, be expressive 

                             Company Slogan

                       "Helping don't hurt."

       Critical to this success are the                  relationships formed during the               adventuring years followed by the

    fire department to present day with

   the personalities in my musical team.

     An unwavering commitment to the          common goal but more importantly       to one another is the corner stone to                        our achievements. 

TYLER DOUG_edited_edited.jpg

Be honest, Be expressive.

WORDS & MUSIC PIC 1_edited.jpg

A practiced level of concentration 

and a commitment to exceeding 

expectations is a method to 

achieving the goal.

White Whale.png

With a long tradition of building on
success RANCHERO and all it has
become is built with intent.

A strong vision with a fearless and honest approach to personal growth
is at the core of the creativity.

Sustainability through humility & driven by an unwavering commitment.

Music is the voice of the soul.
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